WRITER charles roberts


In the dark and desperate hours of the twenty-first century, does anyone believe in the Devil?

If he showed up at your door, saying “To hell with your soul for a quick trip to heaven!” would you be tempted to make a deal with a myth?


Of course not, for we are smarter than Hell, greater than gods and devils. Reason is the road.


But your savior will deny they are the Devil when they offer you - the deal.


And both you and your savior will say there is no such thing as a soul for sale. A parade of ironclad signatures will seal your business contract with Satan.


Screaming down in flames, ash, and ruin, you are too late to jump the road to Hell.


Your soul missed the fine print of the Devil’s Twist…



How to climb a mountain of gold?


Broderick looked up and across the valley obscured by mist. Green plants and golden cliffs towered in the distance. Swept by the winds aloft, snow-in-a-mist sheared sideways in white plumes from their rounded summits of elemental gold.


The Golden Col of Deneb IV had drawn him across the galaxy and into the mist above, but placer gold is slick, and if he let go the slide would be all the way into the lake of the gone forever.